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Created 2017-12-06
Owner sheliasmithson
Title NHL 18 Ultimate Team Microtransactions May possibly Be Misleading Players
Description Microtransactions and lootboxes have started making waves for all of the wrong reasons in mainstream AAA games of late, however they have already been a mainstay of sports games for many years, thanks to EA's Ultimate Team modes, which they've added to all of their EA Sports lineup inside the final few years. Certainly, now that EA is under fire for its inclusion of microtransactions in its games, all of them are coming beneath scrutiny, such as its sports games- as an illustration, take NHL 18. As MP1ST reports, numerous Reddit users have realized that packs that 'guarantee' Christmas Collectible cards, as an example, haven't gotten what they have been promised- with 1 becoming told by an EA customer service representative that the products will not be '100% guaranteed', even though the pack literally says '1 guaranteed Christmas collectible.' So... this is probably to blow back on EA within a massive way. Ultimate Team is the empire on which their fortune is built- when the economy is confirmed to be a farce and players cease investing in NHL 18 Coins, EA would be in difficulty. I hope they address this challenge soon, for their sake.
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