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Created 2017-11-28
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Title The classic creature capture Mega Pokemon game has taken the world by storm
Description We're still not quite sure how we feel about that right now, as that's been a mainstay of the series since forever.
Apparently, psychic Pokemon online are known to hang about in graveyards and cemeteries - although if you're going to venture in there then remember to be respectful.
App developer Instantfuns said on their website: "Due to the incredible number of Pokemon Mega downloads, some Trainers are experiencing server connectivity issues. Don’t worry, our team is on it!"
The classic creature capture Pokemon game has taken the world by storm with people in the UK refusing to let the lack of an official launch date deter them. It’s the first time the digital monsters have made it on to smartphones – so what do you make of this new venture?
Rare Pokemon in Central Park sends Pokemon gamers into frenzy as they abandon their cars to catch it.

If anyone told you they saw this coming, they'd be lying.

Pokemon Mega instantfuns

The effort was allegedly centered on a campaign called "Don't Shoot Us," an apparent reference "Hands Up, Don't Shoot," a mantra in widespread use after the shooting of Michael Brown.
In playing Pokemon Mega, people go to real-world locations to find and train digital monsters, which appear on their phone screens against the landscape picked up by the phones' cameras.
Facebook earlier this month handed over 3,000 ads from Russian-linked accounts to Congress. Twitter said last month it discovered 201 accounts that appeared to be tied to the same Russian accounts that purchased ads on Facebook. Google is conducting its own internal investigation, and reportedly found that Russians spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads on YouTube, Gmail and Google search.
Pokemon Mega in essence is pretty simple. You create an avatar and wander around your local neighbourhood using your smartphone camera to capture augmented reality creatures.

The campaign is said to be tied to agents in Russia, and it reportedly used social media services like Facebook and Twitter to try to exploit racial tensions in the US. But there was one surprise target: Pokemon Mega.
You need both strong data and GPS for Pokemon Mega to work. If data or GPS drops out mid-encounter you will lose your progress. The app also has issues coming back from standby occasionally, requiring you to quit and relaunch it to keep playing, even if it is showing you moving on a map.

An external battery case or USB battery pack is definitely recommended.

If you want to play the game, you can visit: Mega Pokemon
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