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Category Hardware
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Created 2017-11-14
Owner justsimple
Title Heallbreaker games from tahoe
Description Developer Kediri origin, Tahoe Games kicked through Hellbreaker game that was developed. Like what is this game? Around the beginning of May 2017 yesterday, came a surprise from Tahoe Games from Kediri. They suddenly upload an interesting gameplay video of a game with pixel art graphics called Hellbreaker. Increasingly surprising, a few weeks later when Toge Productions confirmed its publishing division, Hellbreaker became one of the first games to be released under its flag. This makes many parties more curious, like what the heck is this Hellbreaker? First of all, consider first its gameplay trailer below. Hellbreaker itself is a vertical platformer game with roguelike concept. You will adventure from top to bottom, while beating down the enemies that confront you. This game itself tells a man who wants to escape from the hell trap. You can do various combos to defeat the enemy, plus also upgrade your skills to be stronger. "We first his first idea of ​​jamming jamming for Gameloft Game Game Hours 2016 yesterday. We are inspired from the Downwell game but we reverse (upstairs), "said Kriswin Yuniar, artist from Tahoe Games to "Then had stopped because of the focus of developing Pesty Paw. New further development Hellbreaker again in February yesterday, "he continued. Kriswin also gives a leak of what Hellbreaker like later. Later, the gameplay of this game will use a stage system, where at the end of each stage there will be a boss that you have to fight. Of course, there will also be a background story that will accompany your game. visit the blog now about games Initially, Tahoe Games plans to release a lightweight version for free and will be named with Hellbreaker Survival. "The full version will be completed 2-3 months after the release of its survival version of this," said Kriswin. But eventually, the developers and publishers agreed to abolish this free version, and immediately step on the gas to develop the full version. Hellbreaker is scheduled to be released on multiple platforms, mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). The full version of its own will soon be released in the third quarter of 2017 as well, or sometime in September 2017.
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