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Created 2017-11-11
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Title following are illnesses caused by impaired liver function
Description Changes in abnormal cells that have mutations that become cancer cells in the liver is caused by the presence of toxins that settle for many years as a result of smoking and because of taking certain drugs. Read: Dangers of smoking for breathing apparatus - Heart danger for cigarettes Liver Cirrhosis Chronic cancer is often referred to as cirrhosis that is caused by a person consuming alcohol excessively and many years that causes liver tissue to become inflamed and damaged. A chronic liver is a wound that forms scars or scars which then causes pressure of the blood vessels to the liver. Read: Liver cirrhosis symptoms Hepatitis A This liver disease can occur due to someone who has close proximity and interact directly with people who suffer from hepatitis through sex contact. Contact with food utensils used interchangeably and in non-sterile conditions or due to normal bacterial stool contacts in the patient's discharged bath room for lack of oprtimal cleansing. Read: Symptoms of hepatitis - Hepatitis A disease Hepatitis B Hepatitis B can also be transmitted through sexual contact, drug use, alcohol and others where the immune system decreases while the virus in the blood increases sharply. Read: Coffee for hepatitis patients Hepatitis C The disease is caused by a virus that still attaches to unsterile needles that turn out to be used alternately and transfusions of blood that are not sterile. Read: Causes of hepatitis Hepatitis D A person with Hepatitis B and then his body has been infected can cause continuous infections and inflammation. Hepatitis D is a continuation of hepatitis B that has been severe and has severe infection around the liver tissue and the risk of spreading to the lung area. Wilson's Rare Disease Wilson's disease is a hereditary disease inherited by both parents or one parent against his offspring (his son). Wilson's disease is caused by the body's body which inside the body has copper in abundant amount so that the nervous system around the liver becomes accustomed to damage or abnormality. well see how to create foods to burning the fat
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