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Created 2017-10-20
Owner adtozhou
Title How to judgement if the printer cartridge has ink?
Description In general, there will be some precursors if the printer ink has run out, the phenomenon generally have the following:
(1) print quality degradation, for example: black ink lighter; color content color cast; or print area has a blank place (that is, can not spray the ink)
(2) each time the print, the first few sheets of paper effect can be, but after printing one or two, writing significantly lighter, or even disappear, become blank paper. Place a period of time, and then print, or a similar situation, but writing more and more shallow, until the first handwriting is also very shallow, and even blank.
(3) printer offline self-test can not be on paper, but the cartridge light flashes.
In general, if the printer does not have any signs of paper at all, such as the presence of paper, the action of trying to roll paper, the "Paper / Ink Cartridge" indicator flashes, and the cartridge is automatically moved to the middle Of the location, then the problem is the cartridge, then if you re-install the ink cartridge as usual, you need to replace the cartridge.

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At present, inkjet printer in the noise control is still not ideal, although smaller than the needle printer, but compared with the laser printer is still a "big voice." In the printing process, the cartridge will frequently move back and forth, issued a "carbazole thrill" sound, the specific number of decibels, the author did not test, Moreover, different brands, different models of print noise is not the same, can not be generalized.

The two-cartridge model allows two ink cartridges to be placed at the same time, one is a black ink cartridge and one is a color cartridge. When printing black text, use a black ink cartridge, print color images, the use of color ink cartridges, so you can do each other does not interfere with, greatly extend the life of the cartridge. And do not have to open the lid to exchange ink cartridges, performance, of course, did not have to say, the only drawback is the price slightly higher. Single cartridge models are slightly more complex.
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