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Category Hardware
Created 2017-09-05
Owner sandrashi
Title Gods Origin Online - an ancient Greece MMORPG comes at ViVaGames
Description After a week of Tech testing, ViVaGames is launching the first server for Gods Origin Online today. You’ll be able to sign-up and start playing at A free to play fantasy themed RPG, Gods Origin Online follows the player as he embarks on a journey as a hero summoned by the Goddess of Time herself to defend the realm against the rising evils that threaten it. Focusing on building up a team of heroic companions, advancing through the game unlocking new content and features, and competing against other players for PVP rank, the game can be accessed directly through web browser with a free account registration. - Two different playable classes - Recruit new heroes and powerful deities to fight beside you - Level up your team through various features - Story focused questing - PVE battles and dungeons - PVP Arena vs other player’s teams - Completely free to play - Web browser gameplay The Gods Origin Game The primary focus of the game is to build up a powerful team of companion characters, led by the players own chosen character class, and improving them through various systems and features to increase their individual character Power score as well as the overall team Power score and then take on more challenging content or face more powerful rivals in the PVP Arena. It is easy to play this game if you don’t have any experience with the games we have told you above. All you need to do is finding better heroes for your squad and care for their skills and stats. The first hero you have picked on the game will be your main hero and you can control him/her. There are only two class choices on the game. You can select warrior or mage. Warriors are melee and defensive fighters of Gods Origin Online realm. Mages are tiny and strong individuals who are attacking their enemies from the range. There will be a tutorial on the game for you which will help about the gameplay of the game. Contact: Offical Site: Like US:
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