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Created 2016-04-09
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Title face-coverings in the courtroom

She was found when a rescue worker called out for designer prom dresses any survivors before giving the go-ahead for heavy machinery to break up a concrete floor. She shouted “save me” and was pulled from a hole in the rubble minutes later.

Country music star and ardent firearms supporter Miranda Lambert thinks righteous Canadians should keep their opinions on gun control to themselves, thank you very much. The Grammy-winning Texas singer unleashed a torrent of Twitter-based anger on a freelance Ottawa music journalist who asked about her views on gun control.One of the more intriguing aspects of our relatively free Western society is that it allows people such as Mr. Sutherland to become fabulously rich while biting the Invisible Hand that feeds them.

There are other problems with Mr. Marceau’s budget. The spending estimates for next year and beyond were not released, meaning much of the detail on what the government intends to keep or cut is unknown. The program spending target itself — restricting growth to 1.8% next year and 2.4% the year after that — is not only ambitious but downright improbable.“They were really helpful to the peshmerga here,” Mr. Ahmed said, before volunteering to show a video he had taken of the bloody bodies of seven ISIS fighters who had been killed in the town. Better them than us, he said.“What I do believe has changed is that other people have decided there’s money to be made; there’s gold in the hills,” said the author who — notably — does not believe in ghosts.TED has become a sort best prom dresses of secular religious happening — with horn-rim glasses and nice footwear. All the organizers work as volunteers; the speakers don’t get paid; attendance is free. The Toronto group pulled this event off with $200,000 of in-kind sponsorship and $45,000 of donations in cash, explains Ryan Merkley, former senior advisor to David Miller when he was mayor, and now chief operating officer for the Mozilla Foundation, which owns Firefox.Josey Vogels is an expert on sexuality, having explored the topic for more than 20 years as an author and advice columnist. Her new instruction manual is called Better Sex in No Time: A Guide for Busy Couples, and the Ontario-based writer gave the Post’s Ben Kaplan 34.5 ways to increase the heat in this January cold.Adding new fabric to make parts of the garments identical gives wholesale clients more confidence to order the line. “In these times, it is kind of scary to tell a wholesale client, ‘You’re going to order these, and you don’t know what you are going to get — but it will be nice, trust me!’ Now I can say, ‘The arms are black and the front will change, because it has the vintage fabric in it’.”“I love Frankie Boyle,” Ryan says. “He says inflammatory things for the joke but he’s an equal-opportunities offender. Frankie Boyle more and more is on the right side of morality, he’s absolutely a philanthropist and a feminist. He’s one of the best men in the world.”ONTARIOWomen wearing a full corset prom dresses veil can make special arrangements to receive government services without exposing their faces to male bureaucrats. Last year, an Ontario Muslim woman fought for the right to wear her veil while testifying, sparking a national debate about face-coverings in the courtroom. When a provincial judge ruled against her, the Ontario Human Rights Commission leapt to her side.

Later, the Superior Court ruled that the woman had the right to wear the veil, but said she would have to face a hearing to confirm the sincerity of her religious beliefs.Clothing companies have come under increasing pressure to lower costs as the rise of fast fashion at cut-throat prices has trained consumers to expect US$5 T-shirts and US$6 bikinis. The cost of clothing in Britain has dropped 20% since 2005, according to the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics, while food is up 43%.-It takes a lot to top her past fugly sins, but I’m pretty sure this is the worst thing Blake Lively has ever worn. I’d cross-reference it to be certain but I like my eyeballs too much.

The first lady made short visits to the two workshops focusing on what are, perhaps, the least glamorous — but most essential — aspects of an industry that prides itself on its ability to sell dreams and magic. One looked toward the future in ways meant to be revolutionary but pragmatic. The other was a lesson in fashion’s fundamentals.

’s Office for National Statistics, while food is up 43%
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