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Title like it’s been collected over time

In an impressive recreated theatre, Guyon’s models harked from another prom dresses era. Fastidiously embellished ’30s Orientalist satin jackets had softly square shoulders.John Ivision fails to realize that democracy is not a tyranny of the majority. When ancient Athenians, who invented democracy, allowed the majority to rule, the poor majority imposed heavy taxes on the rich minority.

To stem any tyranny of the majority, they created the Athens Council composed of 500 citizens chosen through lottery. The Athens Council had the power to override any decision that ignored the legitimate concerns of others.As we don’t have any non-partisan citizen’s body, only a minority/coalition government can stem any tyranny of the majority. Ontario voters are unlikely to give Mr.

Harper the seats he needs to win a majority. After the coming election, he will have a choice either to form a coalition government with the NDP or let Mr. Ignatieff do that.The day of coalition government has arrived.

Mahmood Elahi, Ottawa.This kind of water world style manifests itself during even a quick visit to the L.A. area, where a mélange of laidback lived-in, loved-in aesthetics define a quintessential SoCal look. Of course, the few that can afford it (read: celebrities and friends) shop McQueen et al. on West Hollywood’s Melrose Avenue, and those who browse but can’t afford end up under close surveillance in the uncrowded store. But for the popular and accessible grunge-chic vibe found in L.A.-based lines such as American Apparel and Wildfox Couture, there are cool oversized tops, pilled and faded summertime sweaters, ripped-but-new denim shorts and an envious vintage shopping culture (Santa Monica alone offers entire vintage shopping bike tours). Leafy indoor swings hanging from the ceiling at the Wildfox Couture showroom in the Cooper Building of L.A.’s Fashion District lace long prom dresses allude to an eternal garden party, while racks of pastel hues on graphic tees suggest a whimsical femininity often overshadowed by California’s surf-sport roots.And she made it big, too, dancing all over the world with major pop acts and rappers galore, breaking into TV acting on shows like Hellcats and Once Upon a Time, and most recently appearing on the VH1 basketball-drama series Hit the Floor.There is an outdoor space near the stern with a dizzying series of stairwells. Walking around, Johan points out features such as the curvature of the upper deck, which he said would have been used to collect rainwater for drinking, as well as for letting animals such as horses out to exercise where they could run around.The newly built Pudong area in Shanghai looks magical from a distance. Why should I complain about those coloured domes and needle towers, those amazing buildings that look like they have been constructed from a child’s erector set? But one has to look at them from far away, at night, when they are all lit up. People are aliens in Pudong and only walk on the street to get from one office to another. The most enjoyable part of Shanghai, a survival from the old colonial era of Western domination, is the Bundt area, which is on a human scale, where people walk in the parks and gather in front of shop fronts.My favourite of all the new lines, however, is the collection of French toiles, stripes, checks and florals (as seen in the photo above). The collection was inspired by historical patterns found in a French textile museum. The look is casual and mismatched. And though the look feels cheap lace prom dresses like it’s been collected over time, you can grab it off-the-shelf in as much time as it takes to eat a plate of Swedish meatballs and a soft-serve ice cream cone.Prince George later cried as the family boarded an Australian air force plane at Canberra airport after they were bid farewell by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove.Perhaps the nine-month-old future King knew what lay in store for him. From Canberra the royals were off to Sydney and then the twentysome-hour flight back to London.The palace said William would “expand his work in the field of conservation, particularly in respect of endangered species” and would work on charities that help children and veterans.Even the Jenner case is not entirely clear-cut. Greer was responding to news that Glamour?magazine was about to offer Jenner the position of Woman of the Year.

At first I found the selection of Sonoma wines oddly tilted to big cabs and zins, whereas I have come to think of Sonoma as more of a pinot noir and chardonnay enclave. But this view misses the key point about Sonoma, and its point of comparison to next door Napa. (Sonoma is always compared to Napa – no getting around it). ?Sonoma is diverse above all – with at least six distinct sub-regions. Those farther inland – Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley and to some extent Sonoma Valley – are bastions for big reds, while those closer to the Pacific Ocean – Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley and Carneros – are better for pinot noir and chardonnay. Within a small selection Vintages magazine has made this point well.

Of course, the few that can afford it (read: celebrities and friends) shop McQueen et al
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