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These were tied together with ivory satin ribbon and bridesmaid trends suspended from the tree branches overhanging where the ceremony took place.So, earlier today, I eluded to having had some fun this weekend I had a pretty stressful week last week, so come Saturday night, I was ready to let my hair down as guest at the very, very lovely and talented Photographer Emma Case's 30th birthday party a 1950's high school prom themed affair, which turned out to actually be Emma's wedding!In 2011/12 my entire inspiration was to continue to develop a relaxed glamour collection, a look that is sensual and glamorous with a casual feel about it"Love My Dress Wedding Blog Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Caroline CastiglianoLooking for suppliers?Morning All :) Today I have a lovely set of photographs to share with you and a little story to tell about how they came about!Her parents think he s the best and they trust him with Taylor, but they are not in any rush for her to get married.Ali opted for lace on her sleeves as she accompanied Dec to the National Television Awards back in 2014.

amp;quot;We couldn’t get over how excited everyone was at the wedding, but I think that’s because everyone got involved either bringing a dish, helping decorate, collecting rose petals and drying them to use for confetti or prepare the marquee or hair and flowers.We always find it helpful if brides bring spring collection along images of their dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the venue and pictures of any flowers they like etc.

The sale will provide the opportunity to obtain some amazing reductions on selected samples from Sassi’s collection of classically elegant gowns.Contact Box Tree Events if you are interested in hiring Denton Hall as your wedding venue.

For further information, visit the LeLuxe Clothing Company website.All images on DiskThat's a lot of money saved folks and a really super deal!My parents were mostly worried that I not get killed in the streets for being gay.amp;quot;Fragrance adds another gorgeous element to your wedding flowers and that scent will always evoke such wonderful memories of your happy day.please always check out with the Photographer if their work has featured elsewhere when approaching them for a feature (see point 1), and if it has, enquire as to what the other Blogger’s exclusivity policy is.The StationerThe stationer on the day was Chartula Studio, who offer a stunning selection of laser-cut and bespoke stationery, designed to wow and leave a wonderful impression with your guests about any impending wedding day celebrations.Do the 80's fall into the category 'vintage' when it comes to fashion?Also do consider having your dress made, its such am amazing journey, you do have to visualise and to trust your designer but at the end you have a unique dress that fits you perfectly"Awww, what a lovely way to classic lace gowns open up the week Thanks so much Katrina for sharing your wedding experience with us and huge thanks as always to the wonderful Brighton and Sussex Wedding Photographer, Lisa Devlin.Good morning shoe lovers I think I might have something to make you smile this morning Acknowledged for creating beautiful vintage-inspired bridal and occasion footwear, Rachel Simpson Shoes has unveiled an exclusive, limited edition collection of beautifully high-heeled bridal shoes, which she has called the 'Noir' colletion.Old brass leaves swing from elegant ivory glass pearls.Please join me in donating to the aids being gathered for this devastated nation via ShelterBox.When the first samples come back I may tweak the shape, finishes, colour before then adding the trims and embellishments by hand.amp;quot; said Kirsty with a smile, whilst showing me through one of Brett's very impressive sample Queensbury albums.I wanted the outcome of my shoots to be the furthest thing from tacky possible.

amp;quot;The Chloe Shoe (left) Can you describe the ‘Emmy’ customer experience?I love love LOVE being a Wedding Blogger.Well, I can't say I'd turn my nose up at that!amp;quot; To celebrate this win, I thought I'd share a delightful sneak peek preview of a design from the new 1950's inspired 'Manhattan' collection, that Lindsay Fleming Couture are busy working onLove My Dress Wedding Blog Photography Copyright (c) 2010, Archibald PhotographyLooking for suppliers?

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