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Title p> I love Jet (and

But hey, I'm in New York City so, I have wedding dresses for women to keep smiling Besides, to be honest, it's given me an opportunity to start working on some really exciting ideas for Love My Dress.

I only had five months to plan the whole wedding and find THE dress, so I decided to design my own gown and get it made from scratch by a dressmaker.Le Keux Events Fabulous New Photography!International Woolmark Prize-winning designer Rahul Mishra, who made his debut at AICW, too grabbed the eyeballs with his own interpretation of couture on THE second day.I tend to find that loving your dress is a very good step towards loving yourself; everyone has a better time when they're confident they look good.amp;quot;"Choosing the cake was one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding planning process and I think one of the first things we did after choosing the venue.Sumi's gorgeous hair comb below right was from Glitzy secrets Sumi also wore a 1950's necklace and cuff, both from Magpie Vintage, and a pair of 1950's earrings, from Vintage Bridal Jewellery"I also wanted to get my love of all things vintage in the day, and so went for some vintage accessories"Sumi's pretty sparkly shoes were from DuneThe sun was shining and we had a Jazz band called Manhattan playing outside during the drinks reception.amp;quot; "We had an old fashioned sewing machine which was my great Aunts, which wedding gowns for women my Daughter Frankie made into a sweetie bar for the children, but several adult were spotted with sneaky sweet bags!But in 2009, it was reported that Caroline had separated from Ernst August and had returned to live in Monaco.However, the rest of the Duggars were invited to attend the ceremony in Knoxville, Tennessee.Operating from her West London studio, Kate liaises directly with all her Brides, and personally directs a fitting service, before sample designs are produced, then refined before the finished product is created.amp;quot;We currently don’t advertise the fact that we can offer this service, but if a brides wishes to use flowers that are organic or home grown or fair trade we will always work with suppliers that can meet their request.Make it meaningful to you; my bridemaid Chrisie read a wonderful reading and Neil's mum and sister wrote a very special letter that was read during the ceremony.A little sneak peak here, and goodness, do I utterly adore these photographs?Bar provided by the marvellous Badaboom Bars" "We also had cigarette girls who looked amazing, They provided cigars and cocktail vouchers, as well as a lot of smiles from the men!In the meantime, visit the new Cat Hepple Photography website or read Cat'amp;quot;I'm Amy and I'm a wedding photographer based on the sunny south coast and I love my job!I did a shop dresses for quinceanera mixture of vanilla cupcake and coffee cupcakes which were Ric's favourite!There will also be a main Planner section breaking down all the main elements for her wedding; from the dress to the honeymoon, invites to lingerie.

I love Jet (and being a massive fan of Whitby, I often spend time staring into the Jet jewellery shops that line the pretty cobble stone streets there) and so this piece also grabbed my attention.Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog All Photography Copyright (c) 2010, Rosewarne Cox PhotographyLooking for suppliers?Tune in to Chasing Life tonight at 9 p.As soon as my fabulous friend Cat brought this to my attention, I was so excited!they were made from a wooden palette and we painted the signs ourselves.

It was just going to be kind of pieced together, I didn't even have a white dress.I even spent time being my normal control freak self and straightened Scott’s pocket-handkerchief and I caught my Mum’s glare telling me to ‘listen’!amp;quot; I think Mrs Lawson has been practicing with her snazzy new photo lens!Thank you once again too, to Eternal Imaging for kindly supplying the photographs.

Special thanks and credit have to also be given to Lynn In Love Photo, who was second Photographer on the Day (images credited where relevant).

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